The secret is in the sauce.

Why the name ‘The Hive’ you ask? It’s universally known that bees are hard-working, always with a goal in mind and let nothing get in their way. Consider us just that. Whether you’re looking for a customised website, digital marketing strategy or the creation of a fully-fledged mobile app, we jump on the bandwagon and throw away ideas like there’s no tomorrow.

Feel free to put all the workload on us or ask us to lend a hand to your IT department. Flexibility is our domain. Past works saw us collaborating with small-to-medium sized firms and big corporations, both local and foreign. No matter the size, quality, personal attention and satisfaction is always at the top of the list.

No challenge is too big.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on exciting projects with a number of diverse companies. These are just to name a few.