Feature Project - KnowMeNow

ICO - Blockchain driven KYC

A little bit about KnowMeNow

KnowMeNow is building an autonomous framework that will allow customers to create, and own, their own identity profiles on their smartphones, whilst at the same time allowing various businesses to perform inexpensive, permission-based KYC reviews in a much faster, more reliable and compliant manner than ever before using the unique features of the blockchain technology.

The Brief

To design a logo that would have all the right associations with elements of the business such as blockchain, while also having a motif that could work on it’s own as a potential coin symbol.


  • To design a logo and brand identity for KnowMeNow
  • Design WhitePaper and LitePaper for investors.
  • Design and develop pre ICO website.
  • Design promotional material for road trips.
  • Mobile App UX design and consultancy
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Anatomy of the KnowMeNow logo

The brand logo needed to be bold to hold its weight as it shrinks, and when parked along competitors or related brands.  A focus on “me” and a relation to blockchain was a requirement from the client.

Built from the geometric shape. Enabling to form various elements using segments or in complete form

The geometric shape is multiplied to create a representation of a link, chain

The geometric shape is broken down to form the letter M

The geometric is further broken down to form variations of the letter E

The elements are put together to produce the motive / icon for the brand. The chain remains “incomplete” to serve the purpose that identity is always being validated.

All the elements above merged to form the final version of the KnowMeNow brand.

WhitePaper Design

We all know that the information presented in the document is critical to attract potential investors to onboard the project, however the look and feel of the document together with supporting effective visuals can give that added assurance from a psychological perspective. If one is meticulous in the displaying such information it will demonstrate the same potential in delivering the end product. So our mission for the Lite Paper and White Paper document was simple – display the information in a well balanced design – making information easy to digest with sufficient visuals to lighten the reading load. 

Website UX and Development

The aim of the website was to deliver an overview of KnowMeNow, to generate interest from investors and beta testers while also serve as a delivery system for the KnowMeNow WhitePapers. Visitors wishing to download the LitePaper or Full WhitePaper would require to leave their email address – thus giving KnowMeNow leads to follow up on, whilst also being able to be notify them with update.

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Mobile App UX

The focus for the app design was to create a clean and intuitive layout.


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