Social Media Management, Consultancy and Applications

Nowadays, everyone recognises the power of social media. At Hive Information Systems we come up with e-marketing strategies that utilise the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our products range from the simple skinning of a Facebook, YouTube or Twitter page/channel to a fully fledged application running inside a social network platform.

We can:

  • Build social media applications, for example, Facebook Apps
  • Help you make the most out of online communities
  • Apply the ‘push effect’ to already popular online communities; in effect we will help you  go to the people rather than the other way around

The web today is a user-centred active community, where net citizens generate, distribute and share content. It is a collaborative social media community, where users share impressions and experiences, contribute knowledge and ideas, and publish information.

The web community enables businesses to build valuable relationships with their followers by encouraging them to share opinions and collaborate.  It is not the number of LIKES you have on your Facebook fan-page or the number of followers, but the conversion rate – that is how many out of those likes are actually buying off you, spreading a good word for you and acting as an e-brand ambassador for your business.

We will also help you discover other social media sites apart from the more well-known ones such as Facebook. In this way, you can reach various niches, as well as potential collaborators, suppliers, customers, partners or referrals.

In coming up with an online strategy, tight integration of social media platforms with the websites is something which is very important in today’s ways business is conducted.