Custom Software development

We specialise in ‘Bespoke software development’ – software which suits our clients’ specific requirements based on different platforms, namely: Windows, Web and Mobile (including Tablets) Applications.

A thorough requirements-gathering phase is carried out prior to technical architecture, design and development. We also do Cloud Computing specific development in order to reap high performance.

We can tailor-make software from scratch… so you know that what you are getting is unique and custom-made, whether it is Windows / Web / Mobile / Tablet-based, or a combination.  Very simply, we follow the 80:20 rule, if an off the shelf solution does not cover 80% of your requirements we do not suggest that you heavily customise it, but instead advise that you opt for a bespoke solution. 

We have experience in a number of business sectors, such as  real estate, manufacturing, services management and many  more.